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Easiest Way to Flash OS for Mining (Thumb Drive or SSD?)

Before reading this article consider reading the other mining articles where I cover how to start mining easily and with less fees here

STEP 1: Download the Image File 

The most common file type is zip. Make sure to download and install an unzipping tool if you haven't already. You can get one here I use Winzip, but most other options are good too.  

STEP 2: Download the Flasher Tool  

I prefer HDD Raw Copy Tool.

STEP 3: Extract the zip file you downloaded on Step 1 

Right click the zipped file you just downloaded and press Extract

After unzipping the file, this should be the raw image file needed for Step 4 next

STEP 4-a: Open up HDD Copy Tool & Double Click "FILE"

Upload the image file you just unzipped at step 3

STEP 4-b: Double Click the USB Area

This uploads and flashes the raw image file and creates your new mining rig Operating System (OS) 

Click yes. Make sure you have no important documents remaining on that thumb drive before you do this. Make sure you have enough space on your drive for HiveOS. Currently it is just under 7 GB so you want at least 30 GB of room.
Press Start
Click X or Cancel. You do NOT want to format your disk

STEP 5: Create a New Account 

Use promo code DIVIDENDS at sign up to receive $10 
Create a new account by going to "Sign in" on the home page and "Register". Enter in promo code DIVIDENDS

STEP 6: Create a Rig 

Click on the Plus sign at the entrance of the login page

STEP 7: Jot down your ID and Password

You need these when you boot up and start your mining rig using the new OS flashed onto your thumb drive
Thanks for reading this tutorial. Hope it helped you out. In the next video I'm going to talk about how to set up your wallet on Hive OS. You won't be able to start mining anything until you set up your wallet and miner which is crucial.

Consider using my affiliate link for Hive OS if you decide that it is the easiest and best option for you. The first 3 rigs are free and you will receive $10 to your account if you use my promo code DIVIDENDS

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