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Which is Better for Passive Income? Ebates vs TopCashBack?

Ebates has honestly been a staple of mine for the last 2 years. It has allowed me to save money on purchases that I already need or plan on buying, and I've reaped the rewards - $122 - over this time. Ebates and TopCashBack is an online platform that saves you on discounts from participating retailers. How it works is simple: Simply activate their extension on Chrome or Firefox, or just active the cash back through their website. Then go through the whole checkout system online. Both have their pros and cons, but honestly I have been using Ebates a lot more due to their ease of use. That will change after writing this article.


 The Pros of Ebates: 

  • They have an extension for both Chrome and Firefox:
    Most PC users use Chrome and Firefox. Therefore, using the extension is far more convenient than actually typing in and going to the website in order to get cash back. 

 The Cons of Ebates:

  •  They only allow quarterly payments
    You build up your cash back throughout the 3 months before payout, and then finally becomes open for cash out during quarterly pay days.


 The Pros of TopCashBack: 

  • They Allow Payment at any time
    Not only do they do this, but they allow Paypal, Direct Deposit, and Gift Cards

 The Cons of TopCashBack:

  •  They do not have extensions
    Unlike Ebates, TopCashBack only allows cashback through purchasing retail through their website. This makes it inconvenient--frankly most people forget to do this as a result.

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