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Perk vs Rewardable & My Favorite Web Farming Website

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Exactly one month ago, I divested from Crypto mining, sold all of my mining parts on my Ebay store, and pushed into smartphone farming. You can read more on that here: Nov 2018 Passive Income Streams & Divestments. I did this because Crypto markets were going south, hence the profitability was going down too. Additionally, electricity cost was far greater than mining output; so farming with smartphones was a better option. After farming for one month, I was glad I made this decision. At first it was new territory so I began playing around with different apps. But after I became accustomed to the semi-passive nature of farming, I learned what my favorite two apps were: Rewardable TV and Perk TV.
Both of these apps have pros and cons, but before starting a farming rig, one needs to know what the prerequisites are.  First are the prereqs: Rewardable requires an Android version of 4.1 or higher, and an iOS version of 9.0 or better; Perk requires an Android version of 5.0 or higher, and an iOS version of 8.0 or better. It is better to go higher rather than meet minimums because they are constantly getting upgraded. Another thing to consider are account minimums. Both apps only allow 1 account to log in from. They also have maximum quotas of phones to run: Rewardable allows a maximum of 7 phones to run their Rewardable TV and Acorns app; Perk allows for a maximum of 5 phones to run all their apps.


Some of the pros for Rewardable are as follows: they have a track record of payments in the past 5 to 6 years since inception; and they have paid out millions of dollars to their app consumers since inception in 2012. They also require very little maintenance and have significantly lower crash rates than Perk. In my experience, I have had to restart my Perk apps once every 1 or 2 hours at times, but with Rewardable, I've had the pleasure of leaving them on for hours, even overnight, with zero issues. However there are some downsides.


Rewardable in recent years has started implementing higher payout thresholds. In 2017, the payout limit was increased from $1 to $5, and then in 2018, it was bumped up again to $10. Also, their payouts started becoming more illiquid, and 20 to 30 day payout times became seasonally the norm. This was because of lower profitability from ad revenues and many other factors such as Paypal holds. However, the more important metric still stands: they have always honored their payout systems, and they have always paid their customers. Another con is that they only offer payouts in Paypal. As opposed to competitive apps that offer a wide assortment of gift cards, Rewardable solely offers Paypal transfers.

Pros for Rewardable:
  • Reliable payouts
  • Very passive
  • Low crash rates
Cons for Rewardable:
  • Slow payouts 
  • Just one method: Paypal

Perk is another OG app similar to Rewardable but different in many other ways. There are a slew of pros for this app so it is hard to single out a few. Perk has an umbrella of apps which one can earn points from. They own Viggle, Watchback, App Trailers, Perk TV Live, and Perk TV. As a result, if one has maxed points for one app, one can earn more points on the others. Some of these apps are more passive than the others. Perk TV and Perk TV Live are the most passive apps among this list; followed by Viggle, Watchback, and then App Trailers in that order. However, the top 3 passive apps among this list have higher crash rates. The beautiful thing is that when these apps run smoothly with no bugs, they run seamlessly. One thing to keep in mind is that the better the phone, the better the apps will run.


The cons for Perk are the crash rates. Perk has a high number of apps crashing after a few hours, or more rarely, a few minutes. This is because of the high number of users logging in and watching videos or engaging with the apps. However, one can mitigate these crash rates by buying and using higher quality phones with at least 4 cores and 2 gigabytes of ram. I have found that my recent new purchase: the Moto G5 Plus runs the perk apps seamlessly with zero bugs for hours at a time. Another thing to consider is their recent profit drop. Similar to crypto mining where every few years the profitability rate drops, Perk recently underwent new management and new systems were set in place. Previously 5 phones were able to generate $250 in monthly passive income, but was then halved to just under $150 per month. Another thing to look out for is the new system that rolled out a few years back where after 6 to 8 hours, there will be a pop up screen that asks "Are you still there?" These cons are trivial because the apps still generate $150 in passive income per month, and the ads that run are passive. The apps skip to the next video without the user having to click on anything. A few of their apps require work however, such as Perk Word Search, Perk Scratch Off, and App Trailers.

Pros for Perk:
  • A lot of different apps to earn from
  • Points accrue quickly
  • Lots of options for gift cards
  • Very semi-passive 
  • When the apps work, they work seamlessly
Cons for Perk: 
  • Apps crash a lot
  • Fear of future profit decreases
Because I only have a farming rig of 3: 1 tablet and 2 smartphones, I can only focus on these two apps as of this moment. But in less than 3 weeks, I have already accrued a $10 gift card in Perk, and about 4,000 points in Rewardable (equivalent to $4). As I scale up, the rewards will accrue quicker. Get updates as I scale up my smartphone farming operation within the next few years.

Bonus Content: Web Farming

One website that I use for farming e-currencies is called eloot.gg I found this recently and was so glad that I did. Essentially they allow many different ways to earn points for redemption, but I mainly use their videos to earn 800 points per claim. They partnered up with Smores TV and Engage TV to provide monetized videos that users view to accrue points. After only 2 weeks I gained over 180,000 points. To give context: 5 million points nets a $50 paypal gift card, and 2.5 million points nets a $25 gift card. One can redeem them for Paypal, gaming credits, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Coinbase, and other cryptocurrencies and merchants.
Rules: 1 tab per device; 3 devices max
I plan on using eloot.gg as a semi passive way to generate points because it does require checking in every 30 minutes. I use this whenever I take breaks away from the computer or right before I go to bed. One thing to keep in mind is to turn off VPNs and ad blockers before using this website. VPNs can net one a ban. Also, do not concurrently play similar Smores videos on other apps or laptops while using eloot.gg

Use code dividends to sign up

Smartphone farming is not a novel thing. Many people use spare phones to generate some passive income every month, but the dedicated users invest thousands of dollars in new-used older model phones to scale up their production. To give some context, ecashsociety on YouTube currently employs a smart farm of 100 phones. They all play different apps concurrently to generate him thousands of dollars per month in passive income. My goal is to do the same.

Stay updated on my smartphone farming operation from 3 units to 100 units by the end of 2020. You can do so by subscribing to my YouTube channel, engaging on Twitter, and subscribing to my newsletter found below this post. How will you start your passive income journey? Is smartphone farming for you? I certainly didn't think so, but still regret not starting sooner when I first heard this idea 2 years ago! Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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