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I Did The Thing...I Joined a Real Estate Brokerage

I finally did it. I joined a real estate brokerage. I sent in my application and now the waiting game begins. Before I talk about which Realty I joined, I want to talk about why I joined this particular brokerage, and what about it intrigued me so much that I finally pulled the trigger and did the thing.

The first thing that got me interested was the compensation and fee structure. Their commission split is 80/20 with an annual cap of $16,000 after which it turns into 100%. For new agents, the split is lower at 60/40 but after 3 sales, and after a mentorship period, the split becomes normal at 80/20 for life. Also they have no desk fees, or hidden fees. They have a transaction fee of $275, but after 20 sales it goes down to $75. They have E&O insured for every transaction; after every sale there is an E&O fee of $40 with the cap being $500. There is also a broker's review fee of $25 per transaction.

Follow this link to learn all about the really cool benefits that EXP Realty offers. Follow this link for the really lucrative agent revenue share for every referral that you bring in to sponsor. As you can see, EXP is on the cutting edge of digital realty and they are always expanding. Being in 50 states and with the agent count rapidly rising, the sky is the limit of the growth of EXP realty.

The major drawing point that got me to join this company was the ancillary benefits for joining. As a brand new agent, I wanted to position myself for success by finding value and also a place that lets agents grow. Two things stood out: their free member perks and their new agent training.

The free member perks such as a website, toll-free business number, REGUS membership, and weekly agent training stood out because normally I would have had to purchase all of these individually. This streamlines my life and I only have to focus on being a better agent. Also as a brand new agent having to expense all of the front end start up costs with licenses, MLS dues, and monthly agent dues; EXP positions brand new agents well. One example of this: the REGUS membership, allows brand new agents to have coworking space to bring clients in; this is major. Normally anywhere else, one would either have to ask permission for open space, pay desk fees, or rent coworking space. EXP Realty cares.

Training was another crucial piece. When I read over the Independent Contractor Agreement, I was pleased to find that EXP Realty positions brand new agents for success by appointing an expert to mentor one before he or she goes out into the field. The new agent has to graduate this course in order to be an active agent. Nobody else does this.

The monthly price for being involved with EXP Realty is competitive, but the value is much greater than any other company out there. Their competitor, Keller Williams, also has great benefits, but their front end costs are higher because they still incorporate brick and mortar stores which costs brand new agents that have to pay for their operation. 

I chose EXP Realty because they are innovating daily, they have a lot of expansionary infrastructure, they have lucrative systems in place, and they are growing in number daily. 

If you would like to join EXP Realty as my downline, do not hesitate to contact me over email at dividendraptor@gmail.com OR shoot me a message over Twitter @DividendRaptor

Check out a video I made talking about why I joined EXP Realty:
Stay posted for a new blog to see whether they accept my application or not.  

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