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TorGuard — A Really Smooth VPN! (Plus ExpressVPN)

NordVPN rejected me as an affiliate the other month, and being the petty guy that I am, decided to take revenge by going with a competitor company to represent as an affiliate. I had been using NordVPN after finding out that PureVPN was not a good VPN with constant issues related to their Windows 10 app. Nord is very good compared to Pure, but it still had its issues. I was on a mission to find a partner that believed in me as I believed in them, with no bias, and I found a company willing to let me represent them and even gave me a free account: TorGuard. No matter how petty I am, I will without bias, briefly review 3 VPNs: Pure, Nord, and TorGuard. Let's see how they stack up against each other and the pros and cons of all 3. 

PureVPN is a steal compared to other VPNs at roughly $24, after cashback, for 1 year, which I paid for using these steps found here. You won't be able to beat that price anywhere, and for how many servers it has in many different countries. However, it is inexpensive for a reason. The Windows app constantly shuts down (for my PC and ISP that is) and it has done so for many others as well. Windows seems to be the common denominator with Pure's glitchy user experience and constant disconnects. That is not safe when you're working on something important or need to have security when working on something deep. 
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There is also something you need to know with PureVPN. It has had a scandal on the news when a hacker was apprehended by US law enforcement for using two VPNs: Goose & PureVPN to stalk a girl. There was back and forth between the company and said defendant where the latter accused the former of logging his actions and then turning over the evidence to Federal Law Enforcement. PureVPN denies doing so and said law enforcement only tracked when and where the defendant logged in from using the victim's PC and network logs. 

All of this is still sketch and I wouldn't go so far as trusting PureVPN with any data. I would only buy this if I needed something urgent and don't have the money to shell out for the higher tier ones.

  • Inexpensive with cashback from Rakuten (as of this date)
  • Has Firefox and Chrome extensions and works well for them
  • Based in Hong Kong which is a privacy hub with good privacy laws
  • Fast start up time 
  • No logs policy
  • Allows cryptocurrency payments
  • Bugs out and disconnects often for Windows users 
  • Issues with law enforcement in the past 
  • No logs policy is shaky
  • Slow connections

NordVPN is also very affordably priced. I bought the 3 year package deal for approximately $108 and got cash back from Ebates for $40 or 40% off (as of July 5th) when I activated the Ebates plug in on Chrome. At this price point, it comes out to about $1.88 per month which is significantly cheaper when you compare it to PureVPN which comes out to just over $2/mo. NordVPN is significantly better and more secure than PureVPN by miles. Their Windows app also performs like a charm and the app hardly ever has issues. The only downside is that it sometimes takes forever for the app to connect to the server and it sometimes has issues with latency. I would say this is one of the top performing apps because when it works, which is 80% of the time, it works and is highly secure. 
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The only other downside to Nord is that it doesn't really offer as many robust programs as PureVPN or TorGuard. For example, Pure has a split tunnel where it can allow some programs to operate with normal IPs and offers shielding for others (which you can control). Nord really doesn't have this because it shields everything, which can be a pro in itself as it is more secure and less prone to human error. However if an app doesn't perform well because it has a built in detection such as Outlook, and if Nord is on, programs using such detectors will cease to operate. 

One of the major pros is that it has really good uptime and has lots of servers to connect to. It also is based in Costa Rica which is a major hub for privacy, and the owners/devs are extremely secure with your information or data. It is a must have for anyone and is a common app among security conscious folks.

  • Based in Costa Rica: A privacy maven
  • Lots of secure servers with uptime
  • 3 year plan is lucrative and saves money over the longterm
  • Has a 40% cashback deal with Rakuten (as of this date)
  • Highly secure 
  • No logs policy
  • Allows cryptocurrency payments  
  • Slow to connect at times and can last as long as 5 minutes 
  • Sometimes has slow connections 
  • If ISP is bad, and auto killswitch is activated, it will be a pain to restart  

TorGuard is extremely secure, quick, and easy to use. I was initially apprehensive about using this app because it was based in the US, but when I tested it out I was blown away by how secure and quick it was. Because it is based in the US it has really stringent Terms of Service to the downside of the customer, but it is to be expected as they are US-based. However, they do not track logs and will not store any data according to them and their TOS and Privacy agreements. I haven't tested out all of their different programs, but from what I've used, they are one of the top VPNs out there. Their VPN hardly ever has connection issues and speed is probably 1 peg higher than Nord's. Additionally, their connection times are super fast. I believe TorGuard is a must have when operating US-based apps overseas, and even with torrenting. This is a very well developed app and I am grateful to the owners for gifting me this.
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  • Quick connection times
  • Very secure with many different features that work 
  • Good amount of country servers 
  • Offers 50% off of VPN or Bundle packages using my code div50 or div50st
  • Allows Bitcoin & Litecoin payments
  • Excellent dedicated IPs
  • Bulletproof security  
  • No logs policy
  • Based in the US 
  • Has stringent TOS and Privacy agreements 

As you can see, one VPN does not fit all and there are many pros and cons of all of the VPNs out there. This is why many people that are highly conscious about security use 2 VPNs. Please do your own research and protect yourselves out there. I will be adding to this blog post in amended posts on a later date as I test others. 

I've heard good things about ExpressVPN but I haven't yet tried it; though they have been gracious with offering me an affiliate partnership. From what numerous friends, who use Express, have told me; it is both fast and secure with numerous features and servers. I have asked to trial or use their services for free, but I have yet to hear back. Try it and let me know how it goes. Keep in mind I have decided to promote Express in favor of Pure because it is light years more secure than Pure being based in Sweden and having no issues with logs or any of that nature. They are secure and also take Bitcoin as payment. Please do your own research when purchasing any of these VPNs and make the right decision for yourself.

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