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Consistency And Staying Disciplined (Theory)

A lot of people who have lived their whole lives on a crunch and never learned how to enjoy life begin to slow down as they age and develop some weird stress problems due to this conundrum. But in others, the more they age, the harder they work and they maintain the pace. It could be due to a lot of factors, but I was the former. I believe health and motivation are the key factors in longevity with consistency and being disciplined.

Time blocking is key. Everyone says time blocking and staying disciplined to the time slot is key in being disciplined and staying consistent with racking up small wins over time instead of aiming to hit homers. For those unaware, time blocking is when we segment a portion of time each day for exactly one item to complete (i.e. 7 AM to 8 AM is only for writing one blog post).

However, this is sometimes not possible as we are all humans and not machines. Sometimes, we might unintentionally sleep in an hour and miss that time blocking window. For those with attention problems like myself, this causes one to be inconsistent as even a tiny derailment can cause an avalanche of disconnect.

Sometimes, we might go through a wave of consistency (for years at a time), but as we age we realize we are slowing down and not meeting metrics. Or sometimes, during those waves of consistency, we found that we were not enjoying life. We were constantly being stressed because of the time crunch. In my experience, over time that motivation dwindles and it actually causes the reverse effect where it has an almost post-traumatic stress symptom of inaction.

Slowing down as we age, and especially at a more rapid age rate than normal, can be indicative of bad health. When I was on a high pace, I was consuming more than 3 energy drinks and 10 cups of coffee a day. That is not scalable. I found that my body developed a high tolerance to caffeine and it was causing my body to wear and tear at a higher rate than normal. People who operate at a high level treat their bodies with more respect. It is scalable. They also know their body's limits and they aim for peak performance over the long term rather than over the short term. This is why they compound growth quicker.

I found that on days like today, where I am behind on schedule, I am able to maintain consistency by telling myself that I will complete the tasks given regardless of whether I failed at time blocking. I only reinforce the positives of what I'm achieving and make sure that I snowball them so that I eventually meet metrics and it becomes the norm.  So if I was supposed to wake up at 5 AM and work on this blog till 7 AM, instead I woke up at 7:30 AM and I began working on this blog till now (around 10:30 AM). This blog was the first time block of the day, but because I missed the timing, I could have decided to waive that time block and postpone it, but I decided to finish the tasks given no matter what. This is feasible for me as I am able to make my own schedule and not at the mercy of a boss hovering over my shoulder.

I do have a lot of other time blocks to meet, but in my opinion, if I were to focus on the negatives of not completing the time blocks, I will perpetuate a cycle of inaction due to stress. I am snowballing the idea of consistency and that will eventually lead to meeting goals and time blocks.

Here is a great book (from a different author) that touches on everything you need to become a high performing machine. It's a Real Estate book but it gives you the tools and mindsets required to break out of your shell and achieve your true potential.

Comment below if you want an article on what Time Blocking is.

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