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Day 60 In NYC Real Estate & Cryptocurrency

Day 30 was rough. The brokerage I chose, here, took over a month to get everything situated and so it was tough sitting in the sidelines while I still had the energy to get everything going and to learn the craft of Real Estate. After the 30 days, the issue came with learning how to focus on time management and focusing on the things that generated income instead of the little details that didn't matter. I had a lot to learn so it was also a confidence issue where I felt like I needed some knowledge about the process of Real Estate so that I can better control objections when finding leads. I also needed to find my niche within Real Estate since it is better to focus on one thing initially rather than spread too thin on everything.

So by day 60, I went on a few appointments but they didn't materialize because of many reasons. I also felt like I focused on those few prospects or leads too much instead of prospecting for more clients so that I didn't have to rely on one lead at a time. Real Estate is tough but it is sure fun to learn a lot of the details that go into building a rolodex of business. It is like Jiu Jitsu in a lot of aspects because of how intricate it is and how each system for each agent might be a little different but the fundamentals remain the same. The talent pool is high, but the art form is still beautiful to learn.

I got back into cryptocurrency a few months ago and lately the price has been dumping. After being in crypto since late 2016, I find that for the average investor who doesn't trade, holding good tokens is the way to go especially when they move at a good price. Because I've been focusing on my blogs and Real Estate, I haven't had the time to focus on trades so I've just been averaging buys to build my bag and not be so risky. I know that I have the potential to trade well, but I just don't have the time anymore to look at charts all day and since my bags weren't that big to begin with, I wasn't able to maximize my potential. Someday I hope to have a big bag of stocks and crypto to trade and make large amounts of income with.

I have just been building two bags: Bitcoin and Zcoin. Zcoin because of its secure privacy features and how fundamentally they have a strong team with some cool technology still in the horizon. I aim to grow a big enough bag to where I can eventually mint coins with them in a staking wallet or masternode (whichever it was). I love Bitcoin but the problem I see with it right now is with developers not having a cohesive vision for future developments. Recently, I've gotten word that they want to shut down BIP 7.1 or whatever it was called for some reason. BIP has to do with block size and I'm not too keen on why they were wanting to do this, but in my opinion Bitcoin Core has some flaws they have to work on to make it a stable currency and store of value. I will never buy Bitcoin Cash and Satoshi's Vision however because of how fundamentally corrupt the token founders (fork founders) are.

Anyways, this is my casual update on what's been happening so far. Make sure to check out my twitter @DividendRaptor and more reformed personal finance platform @DividendHack.

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