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The One Thing You Should Be Doing RN

Hey nasty people, it's me again. Today I want to talk about incorporating the Rule of 1 in my life and why I think it's better this way than other methods that other gurus talk about because of how simple it is. I wish I were talking about a Jet Li movie, but that works too. I want us to unlock our potentials and destroy all of the old versions and become the one (no pun).

It's pretty much a rule that states that we should focus on one person, place, or thing at any given one time. It's a sales rule that accompanies a lot of other rules in order to maximize and focus on productivity. Say that there is direct sales gal who constantly has shiny object syndrome and keeps moving locations because she is not seeing any activity in her location. She is going to waste more time and have less prospecting than the gal who stays in one location and approaches everyone she meets in her sight.

I know this also relates to each person because not everyone is going through the same struggles. If someone has energy issues or psychological problems such as ADHD, any other complex system is going to hurt them in achieving any productivity. The rule of 1 is simple because it forces us to focus on one thing at any given time block.  A time block is a period of time, such as 8 am to 9 am, that we  schedule for ourselves to complete a task or project.

Some problems that we can have with the Rule of 1 is that it can cause complacency. It can cause people to under perform by rationalizing their day. We can say that we were successful for that day because we made a really simple goal of just making our bed. Couple things on that:
  1. We have to positively reinforce the power of 1 by being happy and treating ourselves whenever we are a successful with any one task completed for the day within 1 time block. Whenever we fail, we must not punish ourselves and cause negatively reinforced patterns.

  2. We have to use Pareto law to make micro goals 20% scalable. If we have a time block to work out for 40 minutes every 3 days, we have to ensure that our workouts are scalable and not maintenance.

    If we have a status quo of 30 push ups, we want to scale that by 20%. This increases our mental and physical capacities by 20%. If we fail at reaching this goal, no problem. We make sure to keep a constant reminder to increase our reps by 20% next time. By the way, it's entirely OK to segment the reps if you are having a hard time pushing through mental barriers. If we did 30 reps plus 6 but in chunks, that still means we met our goal. We should focus on quality reps over quantity anyway.

Focusing on quality and having good rest time, for even just 40 minutes every 3 days will make you gains at a smarter and constant rate than the guy who trains every single day; And especially so versus the guy who has erratic days. We're developing a good framework and getting the foundations right the first time. We're compounding our gains like a marathon runner, as opposed to the sprinter who only focuses on the short term in spurts. It's the Tortoise vs The Hare concept.

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