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Boring Divi Gainz

Every month no matter what, I invest money into my M1Finance account. The reason why I do this, despite overbought markets, is because I want to keep being disciplined and dollar cost average my principal eventually with my dividends.

You might be asking yourself "what does he mean being disciplined despite buying in overbought markets?" Well the reason why I like to do this is because I want to keep staying consistent with my strategy and not stray from it. I have a history of having shiny object syndrome. The best way to get any results from all of your efforts is by staying disciplined with your game plan and not having a backup to water it down. Better mind's will differ, but it has been something that I've learned harshly over the years and is personal preference. 

The goal here is in investing in mostly low beta stocks with one portfolio being reserved for speculation. Here is a more in depth criteria of what I look for in stocks:

  • Low beta 
  • Appreciating dividends yoy
  • Long history of sucess and/or moat
  • High net operating income 
  • Large amounts of cash 
  • Decreasing debt
I started with $250 and then it slowly increased all the way to $730 now including capital gains. Without boring you with the details, I'll keep it succinct and only update you on the current details. 

Current portfolio:

Current yield:

Current holdings:

Stay tuned for the next boring Divi gainz update.

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