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Rover Side Hustle Report (Part 1)


Rover is a Seattle-based company that focuses on providing premium pet care to those who are always busy and cannot afford the luxury of time. They do background checks on all of their sitters to verify that they are qualified for providing high quality care. Services include dog sitting, pet boarding, and dog walking. 

I started using Rover as one of their caregivers late last year just to test the waters and see if I can make something happen with it. In prior years I always thought about trying it out but always brushed off the thought due to the $25 background check fee they make you pay for. Even though it was a small price to pay, I was a cheapo at the time and I didn't want to risk buying into something I wasn't going to get much results on. But this year I paid for it, and here are my results.

Rover is competitive. There are lots of different caregivers that have spectacular reviews and at different price points. The more popular ones are given most eyes on search results, but they are the most expensive. I first tried putting my price point at the cheaper side, but not the most cheapest at $18 per dog walk, but I didn't get any results for a few weeks. Then I put it at the most affordable at $12 per dog walk and I waited. It took about a week and I got my first customer on January 1, 2020. He liked my job so much he kept me as his main dog walker and gave me a good review on Yelp. Since then I've walked for him several more times and he keeps in contact with me periodically every time he needs me. The second customer I got came about 1 month later on February 10th, and was a recurring weekly gig. After our first week she ended up giving me a stellar review and so far has kept me on the weekly rotation where I give her dog 2 separate 30 minute walks on Mondays and Wednesdays. Both of my customers live very close to me so I can just walk to their homes and get the jobs done.

Here is why I set my rates so low. As someone who didn't have any reviews and was just starting out in a sea of competition, I had to undercut them. I was aiming to acquire great reviews so I wanted to get my foot in the door by attracting customers who sought value. People who seek value tend to scour the search pages and they have to make trade off decisions where they look at someone's profile picture, any reviews they might or might not have, pet pictures, descriptions, and etc. Luckily my price point was attractive enough, along with my ad-copy and profile picture, to warrant some business. 

Total profits:
Customer 1: $31
Customer 2: $19.20 weekly (indefinitely)

Keep building up a book of business and aim for stellar reviews. That is my focal point: to generate a massive amount of great reviews and always grandfathering in clients at their current rates. If it gets big enough, I would have to raise rates to keep current clientele and cap new ones at high rates. Or, I would have to branch out of Rover and hire people. But who knows, I'm focusing on the present right now. In the fight world, which I used to be a part of, you can't overlook your opponent. You have to focus on the present competitors. 

If you wanted to get started sitting for Rover, click on my referral link here: http://sit.rover.com/MDnfT

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