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Webull Investing App (Better Than Robinhood?)

I first signed up to Webull when it first came out a few years ago, and I was impressed then, but I'm even more impressed now. While Robinhood has innovated in the last few years, Webull jumped light years ahead of them for a lot of reasons.

The first thing is execution speed. While I haven't used it in a few years, when I did, I noticed that execution was quick AF! That's a crucial aspect of trading because a few seconds can determine whether you are in profit or at a loss, depending on how you trade.

When I logged back into my account, I noticed a few major things. They now have a windows and Mac PC App!

It's not the most feature-rich trading app, but it's an app nevertheless. I actually love how simple it is and how quick it is to load up. Oftentimes when there are too many features, it can take forever to load up if your PC isn't to par. It has hotkeys and also provides Crypto-forex charts from Bitfinex. This might be a trading feature in the horizon, which makes me excited.

Anyways, this post wasn't completely to shill my referral link, but also was to highlight what I just found today. I will definitely be using Webull a lot more in the future and especially in place of Robinhood. If you've seen some of my other posts, you'll know that Robinhood has slow execution times and does so on purpose as they work with market makers to route your trades. The market makers can purposefully lag execution times by a few seconds which can make or break a trade, especially when there are multiple routes to fulfill; especially so if there are batch orders.

To get started on Webull, sign up using my referral link here: https://act.webull.com/i/fJyKeojBPrnm/m8t/wb_invitation_2020never They are having a February promotion with giving free stocks, so check it out. It doesn't hurt to try.

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