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An Android App That Pays Dividends (And Crypto) $BTC & $ETH

Use code yio3Wo at sign up
CashMagnet is a new smartphone passive income app that pays dividends in the form of Paypal, Amazon gift cards, or Bitcoin & Ethereum. It's one of the rare smartphone apps that is nearly 80% completely passive and it is unique in the fact that it gamifies passive income. It functions like a game where there are levels, and as you scale each level, you gain points faster.


The drawbacks. Here at Dividend Vortex Technologies, we focus on being the most honest neo-personal finance website on the planet. Thus we have to be honest about what this app's challenges are. The challenges are that it is 20% semi-passive, using Pareto Law, because it requires one to turn the passive income mode on or off if one needs to use their phone. Also, load time can be slow depending on how old your smartphone model is. This app allows Android OS as low as 4.225 (ish) so this will significantly be a pain for those types of users. Even for users of smartphones with decent power like the Moto G4 (Android 7.0, octa-core and 2 GB RAM), it can be a tad buggy. Also, in order to move to each level, it requires slow accrual of tiered requirements. For Level 3, one needs 50 hours of passive income time ran, and the minimum amount of gaming apps installed (3). Each app installed is equivalent to 1 hour (ish) of run time, so when that cap is met, you're locked till it frees up again. This means that it's not completely passive - it's just slightly semi-passive. Also the gaming apps aren't playable; they were designed to be installed just to complement the passive-income run time for the app. It's more simpler than it sounds, just install the app to try it out and see if you like it.

There are positives about this app. Firstly, especially if you have multiple phones in your smartphone farm, it's very passive income. You set it and forget it for the most part. Also, they provide good referral points. They offer you 5% of each referral's points and another 5% of your referral's referrals. Another positive is that they allow nearly unlimited amount of smartphones to be aligned with one account (4 for one unique IP). If you have multiple IPs, such as a mobile hotspot and an internet router, you can have up to 8 smartphones on one account. Each smartphone has the ability to level up individually so that means that you can quickly accrue points on each individual unit based on how many levels it has.

This is a cool app that I'm testing at the moment. So far, there are some bugs, but they are quickly moving to solve it. They are also going to get into iPhone soon, but we'll see if they can. In my eyes, the iPhone marketplace has stringent policies on passive income apps. There are just not a lot of them in there.

Check out Dividend Hack to see the other time-tested completely passive smartphone apps that I use to generate income passively. Let me know what you think after testing this app out. Pros and cons? Let me know in the comments below. Use code yio3Wo at sign up.

EDIT: I no longer use this app.


  1. Don't see this on android anywhere

    1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cashmagnetapp

      It's buried under all the apps, so it's hard to search for it. If you use my links on the image or on the content, you'll be referred over.

      You can also go to their main page at cashmagnetapp.com but I would just use the google play link as they don't have SSL on their webpage. Using a simple proxy or VPN with cybersec should be fine.