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I Wrote A Book & Updates On My Webull Account

I wrote a book, buy it on Amazon Kindle or with Bitcoin
I just wrote a book and self-published it on Amazon Kindle the other week. Why did I do it you might wonder? Well the reason why I wrote it was a very spontaneous one. I saw a YouTube video of a kid, known for his outlandish antics, who wrote a book in 24 hours. I decided to take on that challenge. Although I failed at doing it within 24 hours, I ultimately finished the task.

I told my degenerate Twitter followers that I was undertaking this 24 hour challenge and even inquired them about what I should write about and what it should be titled. Essentially the whole plot was created through a group effort by Crypto Twitter (CT), a community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts (and sometimes degenerate scumbags affectionately called 'Degens'), but written entirely by me. The title was initially "A Man Once Known" which was a suggestion by a Twitter pleb named @Bl4ackout. The theme: Dystopian Thriller was selected by a handful of other Twitter socialites, and then the plot morphed into "Shark-Zombie" apocalypse. A handful of CT plebs debuted in the book either through a pseudonym or a metaphorical allusion including @TheRealOJ32 (OJ Simpson's real twitter handle). You might find a certain "Gei-lung" in it, or a "Pill Nye" having a romantically gei encounter with "Peter McCormick".
The book was initially written somewhat seriously, but as the hours dragged on and as days turned into weeks, the quality of writing deprecated dramatically. It was always supposed to be marketed as a shitty book, but due to my OCD and perfectionist nature, I put in some actual initial effort. Slowly, the book morphed into a huge shit post. Read it if you want to find out how badly or how badly-good this book is. You might laugh or you might cringe. Or both. It's on Kindle, or you can purchase it using Bitcoin.

As far as zombie apocalypse goes, the current Coronavirus climate causing a pandemic fear and essentially market-hysteria is a perfect segue into my Webull account and what I want to do with it. Currently, I have cash sitting on it, from all of the bitcoin holdings I sold when it was priced at around $9,500. I initially planned on swing trading $GBTC on Webull with the cash in order to make next year less of a hassle in tax reporting; and to also create a better opportunity for growth as I'm better at trading stocks than I am crypto. Also, it's not cool buying fractional shares of $BTC, and I'd better serve putting my cash to use in an area that was more streamlined. I hate moving cryptocurrencies back and forth between different exchanges, which also create migraines when it comes to tax season. But I later found out that $GBTC was not offered as a stock to trade on Webull so I had to find an alternative.

Due to my busyness, I left the cash sitting in my account, and then the Coronavirus pandemic hit causing equity prices to go down--making me consider my options for finding opportunities in a market where everyone is beginning to sell.

With my M1Finance portfolio, I've largely kept the portfolio the same with the exception of adding in $AAPL to dollar cost average the dips. If there is going to be a longterm recession, I'd want to get in $AAPL before it goes to $GOOG or $AMZN prices. With $TSLA, I believe it is more of a riskier play as the price skyrocketed in a short amount of time after news of great earnings and production efficiencies. If there is a negative earnings report in the following quarter, or if there are more negative headlines about $TSLA, the price might be effected similar to when $CMG had the norovirus panic.

With Webull, I have been thinking of swing trading in blockchain-centric companies that also pay dividends (preferably). So I've been looking into stocks like $IBM or non-dividend paying $SQ. I haven't had the time to research or look at charts just yet, but I plan on tracking my performance on that account as I do with M1Finance.

Stick around to see how well I do financially this year in 2020. Stay subscribed to my YouTube channel as I upload twice a week, and follow me on Twitter @DividendRaptor and @DividendHack.

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