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16% Gain On Webull; Growing Dividends On MTurk & Side Hustle Income

I'm going to preface this article first by saying that the theme of this blog is about my progression in growing dividends and all of my accounts steadily. I won't say slowly because I don't want to feed my mind that, on a GIGO basis (Garbage In Garbage Out). But I will say that I want to be able to document as much of my progression as possible so that you guys will benefit from it, especially the long time readers who never gave up on me.

Why is this important? Well wouldn't you say that most people are short-term minded? If you said no, then would you agree that small dividends that compound over time can become huge if you stay committed or disciplined? This blog is about growing dividends, unconventionally, and for staying disciplined to what works even if it might seem small at first. I believe there are two kinds of people out there: the home run hitters and the base hitters. I believe that dividend growth investing, not only in stocks, but also in other vehicles (that most overlook) are important because it causes you to stay disciplined. The small dividends are the base hitters and they compound over time. My goal is to consistently update you on the progression of these dividends no matter how small they might seem to you. The reason? Consistency and progression.

Webull 16% Gain

P&L for the month

I recently reactivated my Webull account, and felt bittersweet at hearing how great their platform had gotten. I was an early adopter of their first mobile app on Google Play. They even had a great platform then, but boy do they have a greater platform now. At the time I was just starting out on my trading journey and was testing things out here and there  too much and not getting much progress. So I decided to pool all of my funds into one account in Robinhood, and didn't give Webull much of a thought for a few years until recently. After years of testing different platforms out, I decided I liked these two the most: M1Finance and Webull.

Click to see my current portfolio dated 4/10/20

I like M1Finance mostly for their portfolio capabilities. It makes investing more streamlined when you can just pick and choose which stocks to value invest or dividend growth invest in, and they trade it for you. Then you just leave it alone so that it can grow. Because they have limited trading windows (1 at 10 AM or 2 at 3 PM (For premium members)), you are able to focus on investing the fundamentals or how you think the economics will play out. I firmly decided, "I will never liquidate my M1Finance portfolio ever again unless the dividends are at a great rate". Just like Kevin O'Leary says, "never touch the principle, only the dividends".

It took a while for me to make my sophomoric trade on Webull because I was holding in cash at the time, and didn't have much time to spend on screening for stocks to trade. But eventually I made my first trade, and it went bad. The good thing about that trade was it allowed me to see how much I had matured. I made a disciplined stop loss (and didn't move it), and I exited early to prevent drastic loss. I also just made a silly error of chasing a falling knife (where I wanted to day trade the morning spike). I didn't screen well enough on that stock and I was undertaking a risky play daytrading a stock that had clearly been oversold but just didn't go my way on a 1 minute to 1 hour chart basis. The next two trades were winners, and were screened directly from Webull's software app. I had cross checked it with the charts at Tradingview and read some news on either companies to ensure they didn't have bad news. They were both climbing after having fallen, and I decided to entry in at those prices for two reasons:
  1. They might keep consistently trading higher
  2. They are good long-term stocks to buy and hold or dollar-cost average on (we can disagree) 

I check back a few days later and, boom, they both spiked in price and I had to take profits before Good Friday (as markets were closed) to lock  in profits as they were both close to resistance. They might easily pass that resistance and grow even more, but I had to stay disciplined. Being greedy in the past has cost me gains and earned me losses. I learned early on that it's better to hold separate accounts for my buy and hold dividend growth portfolios from my trading accounts. That way I won't ever feel like I FOMOed or take riskier bets. Those two had a return of 16% and an overall 11% gain on my Webull account.

Amazon Turk

I've been tracking Amazon Turk since early this year because I wanted to see if my theory was correct: that the more I do these surveys, the more data they will have of me, and the more money I will earn over time. I labeled Amazon Turk as a dividend because mentally that was what motivated me to track this over the long term as opposed to the short term. I've gotten a lot of pushback from people because they think that it's just a waste of time, but I'd like to disagree.

There are a few things to consider:
  1. Time Value of money: How much could you earn or find value in doing other things than the time you are spending on now
  2. Do you think spending just 15 minutes to at most an hour of your day at the top of your morning is a waste of time for 1 $1 daily dividend? 

A couple of my theories came true: The more I did these surveys, at very little time wasted relatively, the better I earned from each survey. Then I got more opportunities for bigger paying surveys, and now I'm testing it to see if the theory holds truer: that I get the much bigger paying surveys. I get a dividend nearly every single day (at the 3 day payout threshold) because I consistently do at least 1 survey every single day. At first the big (ish) paying surveys were sparse and required a lot of upfront time, but slowly the surveys kept adding up and as data was aggregated of me, the better the opportunities came. So now it's not unfamiliar to finish 2 or 3 surveys per day. I sometimes even enjoy the longer form surveys based on how well the dividend pays me ($1 to $5) just because I know in the long run it will compound. By the way, I don't spend a single dime on the dividends that MTurk pays me. I let it ride till I find a way to invest something from it (more on that in another article).

Side Hustle

I've been doing side hustles, and also a temporary corporate gig, just recently. And they have been paying off well. They only require sweat equity, and they pay well considering at which level I am at the moment. The great thing about both is that if one of them dries up (I get fired or I don't get called back for another gig), I have the other to rely on.

1st Remote Work From Home Dividend
The first is a temporary corporate gig I started that pays me to work from home. I got that gig from a corporation (similarly named as the famous stock trader Timothy Sykes if that gives you a hint). I applied because I wanted to test it out, and had thrown my resume through a wide net of other similar staffing companies so that I would have higher probabilities to succeed; so that if one were to hit, I would jackpot. It pays me about $15 per hour for customer service work, with a lot of room to move to a permanent position if I do well or if I want to. It's really easy work, but does require attention to detail as you can commit an irretrievable mistake for their corporate clients. My goal for this? Keep my bags growing and raise capital to grow my dividends. It's as simple as that.

Use Code D707E4

The second gig is one that I just recently tested. It was being a Shipt shopper. Shipt is a delivery service business owned by Target, and they pay really well considering the times we are in. They are paying at premiums because most people want to stay indoors and would rather not be exposed to other humans that might potentially carry the virus. I, personally, don't give a shit about the virus and because I've been quarantined, I'm safe and will be able to deliver a value to other people and get paid for doing so. The first delivery I took, took about 3 hours, and I earned $50 bucks for doing it. I plan on making a goal of doing 4 deliveries per week to gross about $800 to $1,000 a month from doing something that is easy for me.

Grow Your Dividends

Keep reading and watching to see how the dividends pay and how they grow. Thanks for tracking with me. It's definitely not for everyone, as most people have a short attention span, or think the sweat equity for perceivably "shit"is not worth the time. If you want to see how my dividends grow or get busted, then this is the blog for you. I've consistently updated the blog for 3 years in a row, and won't fail to do so like some other personal finance blogs that have stopped posting since 2014. Cheers.

Check out more dividend playlists coming soon 📟

*This blog won't give any personal finance advice like other seasoned and credibly successful bloggers. Nor will it shill you things that make it money at the cost of your time like some others (PennyHoarder) when they don't even use it anymore themselves. I spend considerable time on this blog, and on testing and tracking things before I talk about them. If you have seen older articles that have bordered on advice, it was because I was finding my footing. As of now, this is a one-man team with room to grow. It's like puberty: just like dividends.*

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