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Dividend's 4/20 Income Report

If you've been following Dividend Hack, a blog that shows you how to make money, you'll know that I'm backpacking this article on my remote work and side hustle experiments. Read all about that by clicking here. Now as promised, here is my income report from doing all of the remote work-from-home jobs and side hustles mentioned there. Keep reading through to the end of this article to see my income report and how this will benefit you.


As you have read, I decided to experiment and try working from home for a number of reasons:

      A. Ensure quality for all apps and products or services being mentioned
      B. Explore apps and non-conventional work to make certain they work
      C. That I practice what I preach: making personal gains & going past my limits
      D. Provide for you a way to entertain my progression; like "Big Brother" but with dividends
Unlike other blogs, I won't detail the pros and cons of each of these jobs mentioned. Instead, I will talk about all the good parts about them. Why? Because it is under the premise that they are all hard work. It requires sweat equity. It requires getting your hands dirty and being able to ensure that all clients' needs have been met, and the job has been secured, along with the bag. You already know that it's hard work, so why even look at the glass half full?

I like to think of these jobs like special-ops missions, but in a much lighter sense. Rather than going into all of these jobs with tensity and foreboding stress, I go into these jobs expecting the work to be grimy while loving the grind. Not only that, but I also aim to provide clients with excellent customer care during times where health is uncertain. Jobs like delivering groceries and getting paid well to do so gives me the incentive to perform and help others at the same time. For remote work like the one I just finished at Sykes, the incentive was being paid for providing the absolute best customer service possible and increasing my skills at the same time.

Income Report 


$723.16 + $75 bonus income 

I earned $723.16 for the month for approximately 60 hours of work and a bonus of $75 for installing new bank apps and meeting the threshold requirements from Steady App (An app I mentioned here)



I started this just 2 weeks ago with a goal to provide a minimum of 3 deliveries a week, shooting for approximately $150 per week in the short-term while Coronavirus promos are still in effect. Because grocery delivery is in hot demand, as a healthy person, I am providing value to customers by taking on the risk of being infected (while taking the utmost precaution). I always strive for high quality service with responsiveness, substitutions, and quick delivery times (time permitting). So I only did 3 deliveries the past 2 weeks because I just started 2 weeks ago. But just now, I opened the app, to see  $34 as a bonus from Shipt which was quite kind of them. In my honest opinion Shipt is my favorite shopper service to work for thus far because of how the app was designed and how gracious the whole organization is.



I just started this delivery service the past week, with my first delivery being yesterday. The app is well designed and aimed for customer satisfaction with the way it is laid out. I did one delivery order for a customer, with approximately 34 items total and received $30.78 with tips included. So far, I enjoy doing this type of work, because of how hard it can be on top of finding parking in such a congested city as New York. Once I got past that hurdle in my mind, it's been actually fun figuring that part out. It's going to be a main side-hustle for me in the future.

Amazon Turk


Starting from 3/20 to 4/20 I earned a total of $65.51 from doing just 1 to 2 surveys every single day.  Most of these surveys take 10 minutes or less, and some of the higher paying surveys take about 30 minutes to an hour. I honestly don't mind doing those (as they are very rare), because I am building upon my reliability within Amazon's algo. The more surveys I do, the more I get asked to fill out higher paying surveys so long as I give it some attention. I do this every morning as a daily ritual. It can be simple so long as you don't take it too seriously, and are not afraid of working hard (which ironically makes it easier to do as you end up having a lot more zen).



This is a job I do part time, when I can, to help out the family business. I make sure to learn as much as I can about tax accounting at the same time to up my skills passively while focusing on my passions and core businesses.

Grand Total For 4/20/20  


Future Minded

The goal every month is to increase my monthly income by $100 every month. Here is what needs to happen in order for that to happen. I need to be moved to a new program that Sykes currently acquired contracts for, which I'm highly considered for. The logistics and timing have to be perfect as these roles are usually gone fast.

Should that income stream dry out, I need to invest in a Prius, and do more delivery rides once a day 7 days a week. During my free time, I will continue to perfect my craft of salesmanship in both my blog and content creations, as well as my Real Estate profession. Both are beginning to scale better the more I learn and do.

I'm doing it, Now it's YOUR turn

Use code D707E4 to sign up

Shipt is currently in need of workers to do grocery shopping and prescription deliveries on behalf of Target and other corporations. They have an excess of demand so they are doing promos that pay above average of what they usually pay to such gig workers.

Use Code ASUNG8114D to sign up
Instacart is also in need of workers as they also have been ramping up to acclimate for demand. They are also paying above pay-grade for what they usually shell out for current needs. 


If you're accustomed to living a lavish life, wherein all of a sudden due to current climates, caused your income streams to dry up; this work is not for you. If you're one of those people, who I used to be at one point, who always cared about what others thought; this is going to be a tough pill to swallow. Chances are you won't do this.

This work is for the grinders and the real ones that only care about personal growth and taking on challenges. It's not the end all be all, but it's for those loyal to systems and processes. I will forever be grateful to all of these employers mentioned, and will work to provide value to them by the actions I perform in and outside of their organization. Check back for more income reports every 20th day of the Month to see if I meet my goal of increasing monthly income by $100.

Oh by the way, I always invest 20% of my income towards my M1Finance and Webull Accounts. Be on the lookout for more monthly updates. I am currently a one man army trying to create a fixed system. Check back for a video accompaniment that adds on to this article as well as this one. Thank you for the continued support as I deal with internal conflicts.

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