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5/20 Month End Income Report

Donald Trump's Stimulus Check:




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Total: $2614.98 

Goal: $1,300

Goal Met *Overage: $1,314.98

Altogether this month has been a success. I was able to increase my monthly income by more than $100 and actually exceeded it by $1,400. The Shipt and Instacart gigs have been a blessing to me and my job pays me well, relatively. I have recently seen a demand for gig work go up as a result of Coronavirus. As a result, gigs from Shipt in my area have seen a high throughput. A lot of work have been getting snatched up. Shipt has been my go-to gig work, but Instacart lately has been offering more deals as of late. Both are great side hustles for sure. Mechanical Turk continues to pay me a daily dividend and it is still very much a part of my daily routine. If you reframe it as a dividend, those things stack up quick! And they take relatively little energy. I got that stimulus check, finally, by Mr Trump and that was pretty cool. I invested about 10% of total income earned into my M1Finance and WeBull accounts to trade or invest with. ALSO! This month I introduced a cryptocurrency called TEZOs to my portfolio. I will continue to dollar cost average that and bake it in development over the long term. Stay tuned for the June 20th Income Report soon!

Stay tuned if I meet my new goal of $2,720 next Month-end 6/20 

 10% Invested: $260

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