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7/20 Income Report | First $400 Bonus!

This 7/20 month-end was hectic. Work has been going great! I've become one of their most reliable workers, but still not the top performing worker bee just yet! It's been an amazing journey to say the least, but I wouldn't have it any other way. People have been getting furloughed left and right — I'm just grateful that I have a job which pays the bills and lets me do it from the comforts of my own home, while scaling up my businesses at the same time! FYI I am also creating a backup plan just in case this one doesn't pan out either! I believe that everyone should be game planning their life's steps because resting on one's laurels leaves one prone to risk! I digress. Anyway, a lot of positive changes have occurred in my life. I bought my first car on my own, without any help this time, and all of my investment portfolios have been steadily compounding up and up. It's nothing to brag about, but I love seeing the small gains stack up little by little. That's the funny thing about life; the older you get, the more you appreciate the small things in life. You may pass Go.

AMAZON TURK - $49.37

Amazon Turk is something that I do every morning because it is a morning ritual that gives me structure in life. Ever since I've incorporated this morning ritual, it has been a constant; thus it has also parlayed itself into many other facets as a result. I started in January and within a span of 7 months, amassed $232 in "dividends". It's something that I very much enjoy doing because of how it gives me dividends literally every single day. Recently, I have been parlaying these dividends into buying Tezos by way of CashApp: buying Bitcoin and atomic-swapping them for Tezos. Then I delegate those "Tezzies" within my ledger wallet, which then provides me with more dividends. Eventually my goal is to have as much as 10 to 35,000 $XTZ or Tezos to where I will eventually start trading, while amassing more Tezos, with their dividends.

J.O.B - $1,935.39

The company that I work at currently is a big conglomerate that provides remote customer service for large corporations. It's similar to thrift stores in consignment where all of the burden is placed on the staffing company to meet KPIs and bring value plus profitability on both ends. I first started working for them in March and, although it has only been 4 months, I feel as though it has been a year. Nevertheless, I'm well on my way to making a dent in the corporate ladder, but as you all know, this is not the end game. I will continue to ask for furthering positions, but at a certain point, I know my businesses will fly off the handle as I scale up using the income provided by them. Either way, I always go 100% for every company I am a part of, and I am one of their most reliable workers any day. You can count on that.


I have been hitting my stride with the real estate game lately . I think something started clicking in me the last few days, to where I'm becoming more organized and I'm building processes as I learn more. I think DISC score and being comfortable with how I learn has been instrumental in me achieving this. In addition to this, finding out what I need to learn and investing in my education whenever I have downtime; and overall, becoming more organized, has led to me growing as a real estate agent. I've been scouring the web finding out how to patch the holes in my real estate game without blowing my budget, similar to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; and it has been working. So far, I have had zero sales, but traffic to my website has increased and my knowledge and prospects list has grown. My goal is to make 10 sales before the end of the year is up. In New York, listings and buyers' demand has been picking up due to low mortgage rates so I'll be focusing on buyers, sellers and renters as well.


I love side hustles. The grittier it is, the better I love it. It helps me feel more grounded and not so cognizant of other people's thoughts or feelings — I just love the grind, and the feeling of freedom that non-condescension brings you. I always aim for more humility, don't you? I hope you can understand, sort of, where I'm going here. Anyways, I was unable to meet my benchmark of doing at least 10 side hustles, a.k.a. 10 grocery or food deliveries in a month. This was because I just recently bought my first car on my own, and thus I was relying on other people's cars to hustle. Now that I have more freedom to drive anywhere, I am able to work whenever I have free time away from my 9 to 5 job.


I earned $400 in literally free money from Wells Fargo bank for achieving their promotional terms of having $4,000 in direct deposits within 90 days. I was able to achieve that directly on the 90 day mark, and as a result, my $400 was credited to my account and will post within 30 days. It's already showing it as such, and I'm totally stoked to find other opportunities to make free money without doing anything besides working and making money. Yeah that's kind of a circular loop, but you know what I mean, or do you?

Grand Total  $2,384.86

ME 8/20 Goal  $2,484.86


At a certain point I will stop updating you guys on my portfolios due to security concerns, but I will update you for the remaining months of the year and I will re-evaluate if that is something that I wish to continue doing. But to summarize it succinctly, all of my portfolios are getting large and at this rate I will compound my wealth in multiple different flows:








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