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Building Wealth From Worthy Bonds to Bits Of Stock

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Here are some really cool income portfolios I'm starting to build at the moment. These are things that I've found by meeting with one very cool twitter friend who once commented on one of my tweets (since purged); and also introduced me to a very awesome crypto-dividend earning platform called Publish0x. On a side note, networking through Twitter has definitely allowed me to build my income streams, learn more about myself, learn different things, and keep my ego in check, while networking with high caliber people. By doing so, I was able to find and build two new income portfolios: Worthy Capital, and Bits of Stock.

Worthy Capital is a lending platform that is both for accredited and non-accredited investors that is also overseen by the SEC. This platform provides loans for small businesses at certain interest rates and also passes off 5% of the yearly interest to its investors as bond holders. There are a few ways you can earn bonds on this platform: buying, referring, monitoring, and interest accrual.


Monitoring or Round Ups 

You can link your bank account as a monitoring account whereby each debit transaction that is posted on that bank account rounds up to the nearest dollar and is funded by the funding account (or bank account that you tie to the worthy capital platform). Whenever the monitor rounds up to $10, 1 bond will be purchased.



You can set up a monthly recurring payment whereby you will purchase however amount of worthy bonds every given monthly cycle, or you can purchase a worthy bond manually at any given time. All funds are taken out of the funding account that you link to the platform. The monitoring and funding accounts can be mutually exclusive, so if you have multiple bank accounts, you can tie the monitoring account to one checking account and a different savings or checking account as the funding account. 1 bond is worth $10 and is completely affordable for any type of investor. Accredited investors have an unlimited cap on total purchases and $50,000 for online purchases while non-accredited investors have a ceiling of 10% of their annual income.

Interest Accrual

Interest accrues daily and can be monitored in the interest reports page of the platform. Interest or bonds can be withdrawn without any fees. The reports can monitor monthly yield, daily yield on average daily balance as well as weekly yield reports.



Worthy has a lucrative referral system whereby if you refer a friend to the platform, you will receive one free bond after 90 days.


Bits of Stock is a new platform, that is not insured, but is a free platform that provides secure connection with bank or credit card accounts to provide cashback with affiliated merchants that you currently shop with. Whenever the card that was linked on the platform is being used for a merchant that is associated with the platform, and it's currently added as one of the 15 assets chosen by you, you will receive 0.50% of cashback in the form of stock rewards.

For example, if you chose Amazon or $AMZN as a company in your top 15, and one of your linked credit cards was used to purchase something from Amazon, you will get 0.50% in the form of Amazon shares priced at what it was upon buying them at that day.

So far I linked a few credit cards that I normally use for purchases and because I have linked rewards cards to the account, I get extra rewards via stocks on top of the cashback rewards or travel points I receive for purchasing said items that I already need anyways.

As you can see from my portfolio, I've recently started using this account and my recent Amazon transactions for purchases I already needed were credited to the account in the form of partial shares in Amazon. They have numerous different partners that you can choose from to earn stock rewards from when you frequently purchase from them such as Taco Bell or Southwest Airlines


Networking and learning from others is huge on this space. Although I was very immature early on in my career as a marketer and business dinosuar in the Twitter space, and destroyed a lot of bridges along the way; I've become a better person since then and became more financially solvent. Shout outs to @OfSnarf for introducing me to Worthy Bonds and Bits of Stock and also commenting on that one tweet so that we were able to network and be friends. Here's to the future: constant growth and value-added contrarian swing plays. Toast. 

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