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8/20/20 Income Report (Jeff Tezos Edition)

This month was a good month for me but also entailed a lot of expenses. I had a $300 expense because I accidentally blocked someones stupid driveway on boardwalk the other week and had to pay to get it out of car jail. Also, I had a pretty good month, but it's only just beginning folks. I got a small increase in monthly income this month but I believe in the power of compounding and dividends compel me to churn on. Here are the incomes I received this month.

JOB: $1,913.41 



MTURK DIVS: $34.01 

TOTAL INCOME: $2,213.09

The good news is my debt is significantly going down and it is only compounding downward further. The covid relief for a short-term 0% interest accrual on student loans definitely helped. And my balance transfer method of paying down debt over the past 5 years has significantly helped me with my credit score (which is really not that important and a mental trap for most—future article perhaps). It has also helped with paying down a sizeable chunk of my Credit Card debt by being disciplined and using the balance transfer grace periods in my favor. I will be doing Debt Reports again by next week. Stay peeled for that. 

Here are my portfolios in a nutshell:

This will be it for this months end 8-20 Income Report. I expect next month to have a slight increase in expenses, but a lot more hustling and compounding of monthly income moving forward. I plan on increasing it by $100 every month, although some months may or may not meet goal! Stay tuned for next month end 9-20 income report! I'm still doing Real Estate by the way! I just have been trying to build out a system and that always takes time as you know. Businesses don't always start out with a bang at the forefront! STAY TUNED

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