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9/20/20 Income Report | Divi Monopoly

For Month End 9-20-20

Fell short of my goal guys. This month I wanted to reach my goal of having a $3,000 monthly income but fell short due to not doing any side hustles and dilly dallying too much. After work, I found myself gaming too hard, and as a result wasn't really focusing too much time and effort on Real Estate as I should. Nor was I studying as much as I could have been for future value added activities such as learning python, ableton live 9, and real estate skills. 

But nevertheless, I can only trudge on forward from here. The good thing about the past few income reports is that I have consistently been socking away money from my incomes into my portfolios and reducing my debt at the same time!

Total Income: $2,201.32

Job: $2,096.18
MTURK: $30.14
Promo Offers: $75 

Total Invested: $741.35

Click the images to get started on your investing endeavors :)
For Month End 9-20

For Month End 9-20-20

For Month End 9-20

My SoFi Portfolio Update

College 529 Plan Update

My Portfolio Month end 9-20

For month end 9-20-20

For Month End 9-20-20

This concludes this month's income report for month end 9-20-2020. Stay tuned for October's income report to see where I stand. I am going to break that $3k mark soon! 

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