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10.20.20 — Income Report | Divi Monopoly

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 Job: $2,008.53

Amazon Turk: $22.28

Grand Total: $2,010.89

I didn't earn a lot this month and it seems that I'm not reaching my quota per month that I have set out for myself, which is to increase my monthly income by $100 per month. However, I do have some exciting news that might otherwise salvage this Income Report. I did get a raise and a promotion at my job while working less than a year at this company. Although it's not a laudable increase, it's something I'm proud of because I look at the progress side of things and not so much the monetary factors. I enjoy giving and getting value, but mostly the giving aspect. 

All other projects of mine have slowly been increasing in metrics; for example this blog, my Real Estate ventures, investment portfolios, and etc. I've slowly been building all of those platforms and seeing results monetarily. However, I haven't been able to capitalize on the momentum side of things because I've been letting my depression get to me post-work, and usually I game as a result of finishing work to let off steam. 

The dividends for all of my investment portfolios are starting to kick in, and I DO update those results on my YouTube channel if you wanted to give it a follow. I also give Tezos dividends to all new subscribers. 

I will ramp up my hustle soon and update you whenever I start getting out of my depressive mood and get back into the swing of things. Bye for now!

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