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11/20 Income Report | Divi Monopoly

Thumbnail of Income Report for November 2020 | Divi Monopoly

I decided to make November's 2020 Income Report special and get into the dividend incomes as well as my work and side-hustle incomes. This will be the template moving forward to document how my portfolios progress, especially the income side of things. 

November was a busy month for me as I had recently been promoted at work and I had to handle a lot more responsibilities that had me more preoccupied with my time and energy. I had been procrastinating on all of my active ventures such as Real Estate and my Content materials, but I am still invested in the progress of all of them. 

Here are the stats: 

Job: $2,275.15

Worthy Interest: $0.56

M1Finance Dividends: $2.90

Tezos Staking: 0.376817

Amazon Turk Dividends: $22.31

Worthy Bonds:

Image of Worthy Bonds Interest
Sign Up to Worthy Bonds here: https://worthybonds.com/?r=gwGph

Image of Worthy Bonds Community Chest | Divi Monopoly

So recently, Worthy ran out of their first $100 Million in bonds, and unfortunately in my state, they weren't licensed to sell more bonds to me. But, I didn't realize that I can still buy some bonds by setting my portfolio to buy it through the community for bonds already sold out in circulation. So I have resumed my journey of building up my Worthy Bonds Portfolio and increasing the interest income over time. 


Image of M1Finance November Dividends | DiviMonopoly
Get started with M1Finance here: https://m1.finance/2ZY4mRFhwHkD

Image of My M1Finance Portfolio in November 2020 | Divi Monopoly

My M1Finance Portfolio has steadily been increasing over time as I have been putting more money into it. My hope is for you to track the progress of my monthly dividends and how it stacks up over time. Since this is an individual account, I will be taxed capital gains and dividends. But the hope is for it to eventually get to where I can be self-sustaining and invest in more assets without touching the principal. 


Image of November 2020 Tezos Staking Profits
Use CashApp to Buy Bitcoin here: http://cash.app/app/TBFJHHS

My Tezos staking has steadily been increasing the bigger my bag is getting. On this wallet however, the staking dividends sometimes don't accurately report in real-time but is reflected on the balance. I have been using CashApp to buy Bitcoin after every paycheck (10% self-tax) and swap them for Tezos on Atomic Swap Wallet. 

Lately I have been researching and looking into buying $ZIL. Ziliqa is another staking token that also has promotes carbon-economic mining capabilities. It is, in their words, the first sharding technology token that allows for DApps built on their platform. If I do invest, I will keep you guys updated on how that portfolio and its staking profits progress.

Amazon Turk:

Image of November 2020 Amazon Turk Dividends | DiviMonopoly
Track my Amazon Turk Dividends here: https://publish0x.com/divimonopoly

As you know, I aim to do one Amazon Turk survey per day. Lately it's been getting more difficult doing so, but I have been making it up on days like today where I have off from work. This month, including pending surveys, I made $22.31 doing easy 10 to 30 minute surveys every morning, preferably, to start the day as a morning ritual. 

Total Monthly Income: $2,300.92

In total, this month's income totaled $2,300.92. As I mentioned I recently had been promoted at work and had a lot more responsibilities and took all of my ventures to the wayside. I have continually been passively investing in all of my dividend portfolios, not all of which are listed on here. I will eventually get back on the fast track towards expediting my monthly income by focusing on my Real Estate and social media & blogging ventures. My dividends have been steadily increasing, and my swing portfolio on Webull has been going up as well. I will be posting a video on that through my YouTube channel this week. Stay peeled for that soon.  

View my content on all platforms: https://linktr.ee/divimonopoly

Start your dividend investing journey: https://linktr.ee/dividendraptor

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