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12/20/2020 Income Report | Divi Monopoly

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This is my last income report for 2020. As you all know, I recently resurfaced this segment of the blog. It has certainly been a chaotic year, but I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to earn income during these turbulent times. 

Job: $2,446.84
Dividends: $11.19
Ebay Sale: $99.99
Amazon Turk: $25.98
Total Income: $2,584

The start of January was a turning point in my life. A loved one in my life passed away; someone whom I took care for for over 15 years of my life, and for months I was devastated. It changed the dynamic of my life to such a degree that I decided from then on to take every opportunity as it comes; To make sure that money is never a source of contingency in my life, and to set myself up for success so that I can help the ones that I love. 

Around March I applied for a job, accepted it, got really good at it, and then got promoted. I paid for my first car in cash, and started investing a lot more and putting away cash to reach my goals of eventually living completely autonomously. 

I went from $99 in November of 2019 to over $3,000 in M1Finance

I have $2,400 in assets on Webull which will continue to increase the more I swing trade off of it, and 

I have a growing Crypto Portfolio currently worth over $1,400 in Tezos and Link. 

I also have a growing SoFi bag of $500 consisting of Bitcoin and Tesla. 

Eventually I aim to grow my dividends and trading profits to reinvest in each account to become completely autonomous in order take care of the ones that I love with no discrepancies. Here is a look at my December 20, 2020 Dividend income:

Image of my M1Finance Dividend Income

Here is a look at some of my Amazon Turk dividends for this month. You can also view my year-end summary for total earnings from just doing at least 1 survey every morning:

image of my Amazon Turk Income | Divi Monopoly

Although I haven't yet reached my monthly income goals of cracking $3,000 monthly; I will reach it soon next year, I guarantee it. Thank you very much for tracking alongside my journey; And I'm so excited at what 2021 holds for me. I sure hope you do follow along my progress to live a truly unorthodox life consisting of dividends. Help me, help you, to help me reach the dream of buying Park Place or Boardwalk! See you all next year in 2021.


CEO of Divi Monopoly

P.S. End of Year Debt Report coming soon! I did some damage to the overall debt principal! I'm excited for you to see it soon!

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