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End of 2020 Amazon Turk Dividends | DiviMonopoly.com

Thumbnail of My 2020 Year-end results with Amazon Mturk | dividendraptor.com

I strive to do at least one Amazon Mturk survey per day. My goal for this is to reinvest the dividends that I receive from Amazon Mturk into dividend producing assets that I can reinvest into over and over again. In this case, I pool all of my Mturk moolah into Tezos and Link. In this blog article, I will be giving you my two cents into how my 2020 Crypto portfolio ended and how much money I totaled on Mturk alone. 

Image of my Year-end 2020 Mturk Rewards | dividendraptor.com

As you can see, my earnings from just doing 1 survey per day have amassed into a sizeable chunk of change. Obviously it's not large by anyone's standards, but the main driver here is the focus it gives me by helping me allot a fraction of my time into this as a morning ritual. It also helps me by compounding interest in my Crypto Portfolio. 

image of my Tezos and Chainlink Portfolio | dividendraptor.com

Net of fees, Mturk has allowed me to purchase over $300 worth of Tezos and Chainlink. As a result of this, I have been able to dollar cost average into both of these tokens successfully, with a portion of the principal consisting of unrealized capital gains. I have noticed my Tezos dividends slowly creeping upward, and my Link bag has been gaining traction in capital value. Upon advice from my financial advisor, FunFace (a psy-opping creature), I have decided to take profits when Link reaches a price of $134.54, whenever that time arises. In the meantime, I have decided to dollar cost average into Crypto steadily but surely, bi-weekly. 

All-in-all, I will continue to do my daily morning ritual of 1 Mturk survey per day. As you can see, the cents add up, and it amounts to a few extra hundred dollars per year. How much do you think it will compound over the longterm when you reinvest these bucks into your portfolio(s)? Whichever it might be; i.e. stocks, bonds, or crypto, the dividends transform from cents into dollars. Thank you for reading this blog, and keep enjoying the progress of my Mturk dividends by staying plugged into this blog. You can learn more about the different content or dividend portfolios by clicking here and there

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