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February 2021 Month End Debt Report

Image of February 2021 Debt Report | Divi Monopoly

Every month my debt is going down and my assets are going up. Although it seems like all markets have been heating up, I am still determined in my investment strategy and debt management strategy. The snowball-style method I have been incorporating has allowed me to chunk off one piece of debt and I am chunking down another one rapidly. If you aren't aware by now of what the snowball method is, and which method I am using exactly, please read my piece here

Student Loan Debt

Prior Debt: $15,866.78 

Current Debt: $15,706.77

Credit Card Debt

Prior Debt: $1,866.89 

Current Debt: $1,470.84

Total Change:

Debt decreased by $556.05

In Summary, 

as my debts go down, my assets are going up. As I chunk down the lowest principal amount first, I am also simultaneously chipping away at the interest on the other largest rate balances as well. In doing this, I am accelerating the rate at which my debt is decreasing month over month. Keep checking back to see how much damage I do next! 

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