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Massive Asset & Debt Updates! www.divimonopoly.com

Asset and Debt Report in July 2021! www.divimonopoly.com

I apologize for being away for so long. A lot of changes have happened but there are no excuses for not being active on this. As always I have consistently been increasing my assets, lowering my debts, and increasing my credit score simultaneously. The only portfolio that is down is my crypto portfolio.


M1Finance Asset Report on 7-6-2021 - www.divimonopoly.com

My dividends are getting higher slowly but surely. As you all know I started with $9 (started over), and through slowly dollar-cost-averaging 10% of my paycheck into my portfolio, eventually snowballed into what it is now. The goal is to eventually get a high-end portfolio that pays for itself with the dividends. I aim to eventually live off the dividend or interest income and live below my means to keep reinvesting into my assets.

July 7, 2021 Dividend Updates


July 6, 2021 Webull Report

My Webull portfolio has gotten lucky on the market being so extended. Most of my holdings are in the green and they are held for the longterm till I can cash out on them to reinvest and swing trade other assets. I am still depositing 10% of my income bi-weekly into my Webull portfolio and as the cash balance goes up, the more I have the opportunity to invest in high alpha stocks.


7-6-2021 Coinbase Asset Report

My Coinbase portfolio has halved as a result of the crypto market going soft. I am still depositing 10% of my income bi-weekly into my portfolio and I am consistently dollar-cost-averaging into Bitcoin and LINK because I do know how volatile crypto can be and the opportunity involved in it the more you hodl. 


29291 SoFi Report www.divimonopoly.com
I have almost 1 share of Tesla. This was after dollar-cost-averaging into this company for  weeks. It just shows that the power of compounding interest is very real. I started also getting into IPOs (which you can now invest on in SoFi).
7-6-2021 Sofi Crypto Report

In my Crypto portfolio within SoFi, I only taken a small position in Bitcoin. This is because it is the most well-known and liquidadable crypto asset which I plan on holding longterm to reap the rewards of volatility

Yotta Savings

7-6-2021 Yotta Savings Account Update

I started investing $25 per month initially, then moved to $25 per week into my Yotta portfolio. Slowly but surely, because I just forgot about it, the money started compounding. The interest income from the savings interest rate and the prizes for each deposit is compounding weekly as well. 

July 6, 2021 Yotta Savings Interest

Consider signing up for this FDIC-insured savings deposit account! Use code DIVI to start. 

Student Loan Debt

July 6, 2021 Student Loan Balance

My student loans have been decreasing steadily but surely. By chunking it down in loan groups, per the snowball method, I have been able to decrease all of my credit card debts to zero and significantly downsize on the loan balances. This has surely effected my credit score for the better. 

Credit Score

7-6-2021 Credit Score Update

If you liked my progress, don't hesitate to follow my YouTube channel. You can find all of my useful links here: https://linktr.ee.com/divimonopoly I hope this inspires you to go out there, work hard, and invest more than you spend! Make sure you make the necessary sacrifices and do the things required to make your future life easier! Enjoy your life while you're at it as well! 

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