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$0 to $15k in Assets, Crypto, Stocks – Moving Up the DiviMonopoly Board

 Divi Monopoly Gameboard!

I've created a game prototype and I have awesome plans for it. It's going to be a useful tool that I will personally use to get out of my comfort zone and drive growth within my own life, even though it's just going to be a game. My goal for this was simply to take me out of my lull and comfort zone to drive growth within my own life, and my hope is for you to also reap the benefits of it as well; More to come on that. 

I've been slowly moving up the monopoly board of life. I started with $9.99 in November of 2019 with my M1Finance account, and now that account has grown to just a little over $6,000 today. I've branched out to Webull with a portfolio value of $4,000 and entried back into Coinbase with it being just over $4,000. Alongside a SoFi portfolio, and some other accounts, it is now a little over $15,000 in assets. 

I have been dollar cost averaging into each of my portfolios by self-taxing myself 10 to 30% of my income diligently with every paycheck. It has been slow but steady and now is pretty much almost like drinking water; almost like an everyday habitual occurrence. What also helped was when I significantly downsized my overhead costs habitually tracking my spending habits, while also looking for areas of, or opportunities for growth. 

You can watch my YouTube channel for more updates on my portfolio statuses. The accompanying video for this particular blog post is still in edit and will be posted soon. If you wanted to get the full prototype of this personal finance game, please sign up to my newsletter and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

This is my gameboard prototype, so all I ask is that if you do share it with your friends, please credit them back to this website please.

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